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We are a privately owned mortgage broker company that assist home owners and investors from around the world in purchasing their perfect Florida property, by getting a Florida mortgage loan.


Solutions First Mortgage Inc. is a Mortgage Broker and not a Lender

We are located in Sarasota Florida on the western Gulf coast of the state and are a leading member of the Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals; which was established in 1960–the oldest Mortgage Association in the United States.


Marty Remillard. Owner/Broker od Solutions First Mortgage in SarasotaMarty Remillard is the owner/broker of Solutions First Mortgage.

Our clients know we offer an extremely personal and hands-on approach. We believe that when our clients understand exactly how the mortgage process works, and what they will need to do, there is a far higher probability that they will get the mortgage which they require.

Marty Remillard (NMLS 343653) is the Broker Owner of Solutions First Mortgage Inc (NMLS 1020492).

Marty was recently selected as ‘Broker of the Year’ by his peers by the Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals (FAMP) who showed their appreciation for his determined professionalism within the mortgage industry.

The reason for this success can be put down to how Solutions First Mortgage does business. Instead of simply dictating to clients about what they need to do, we educate our clients so that they completely understand what is expected of them and why.

The professional team at Solutions First Mortgage has become the first port of call for home buyers in need of a team who go the extra mile to make sure that everything goes to plan. Nothing is too much, even picking up the phone out of hours and on weekends.

“Our success has been built by our clients and an ever expanding network of Realtors. They are continuously recommending our services and we do our best to live up to our reputation of getting the job done!”
Marty Remillard