First Time Buyers – Buy vs Rent


In today’s real estate market, with so many home owners having lost their homes to foreclosure, bankruptcy, short sales, and deed in lieu of foreclose, the market has more renters than available homes for purchase. This high demand for rental properties has driven rents to an all time high.

Renters are now paying 30 to 40% more for a monthly rent payment than they would be paying for a mortgage loan payment for the same property.

The Solution First Mortgage Team’s philosophy is to help guide you in preparing for responsible home ownership. Responsibility starts with education on how credit works and how important it is to stay disciplined and current with all liabilities.

How to understand the limitations of your income and DTI (debt to income ratios), we will also help you assess your past credit issues and may be able to direct you with options on how best to overcome these obstacles and who may be able to help you.

As a renter sometimes we do not see or understand all the options we may have available to us in order to be able to purchase our own home. The Solution First Mortgage Team’s goal is to help find all the possible options available for you.


If you have any questions or would like further assistance please contact us directly and we will try our very best to help wherever possible.

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