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The steps to refinancing a mortgage are relatively straightforward once you get past all of the legal-jargon and bank talk. You will still need to understand what you are doing of course and we are here to assist you in comprehending the mumbo-jumbo before you put pen to paper and sign on the dotted line.

There are essentially four steps involved in obtaining a mortgage loan:

Step one: Fact Finding and pre-approval process.

  • How much do you earn?
  • How much do you spend?
  • How good is your credit?
  • How much is your current mortgage loan balance
  • How much do you estimate your home's current value?

You will have to authorize us to run your credit score and report.

We will then need to collect you personal financial paperwork including the last two years tax returns, last two months banks statements and other assests along with your last pay stubs and more.

Step two: complete the application process

This is assembling all your paperwork in putting it on Form 1003 (A Fannie Mae form) with all your credit report information. From here we will have all your disclosures ready to sign including a 'Good Faith Estimate' Once this is completed we will run DU* this is a pre underwriting gauge that helps guide us to get any other additional information that the underwriter may be looking for your specific situation.

Step three: Submission to underwriting!

Once we have completed the bulk of the standard paperwork your file will be submitted to the underwriter for review and conditional approval. Yes conditional approval. I believe in waiting until your file comes back from the underwriting to see the conditions for approval before ordering an appraisal or survey if needed. Once we see the conditions and we are fairly confident that we can satisfy the conditions we will than order the appraisal and survey. Remember appraisals and surveys are paid by you the applicant whether you close on the loan or not.

Step four: Clear to close and funding

The last step is here, is to satisfy the conditions for closing outlined by the underwriter. Once all the satisfied conditions have been sent to the underwriter for final review and approval, the underwriter will send us and the closing attorney (title company) the CTC, Clear to Close. Upon receipt of the CTC closing Documents will be ordered and coordinated with the closing attorney with a time for closing on your new refinanced mortgage loan.

So that's it! A simple four step procedure to obtaining a mortgage on your home which has been designed to remove the stress and misunderstandings commonly associated with refinancing your Home.

* DU is Desktop Underwriting program of Fannie Mae, similar is Freddie Mac's LP and GUS from USDA. These automated programs give the mortgage broker or lender basic eligibility guidelines for that specific borrower. A report of Approved/Eligible with conditions is what the lender or mortgage broker is looking for. If we do not see this Approved/Eligible we need to find out why not and see what the potential borrower would need to correct or overcome in order to get an Approved/Eligible to continue working on the loan process.

Florida refinance mortgagesOur service has been designed to remove the stress and misunderstandings commonly associated with buying a property.

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