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Solutions First Mortgage Testimonials from RealtorsMarty,

I want to thank you for your efforts on getting this home closed tonight. I can express my gratitude for you dropping everything and going above and beyond to get this done. If we were closing with any big bank, they would have shut it down at 4pm … and same for many title companies or real estate attorney’s offices. I appreciate you working so hard to get us closed before the buyers left and MOST importantly before our extension deadline.

Amy Tanaka – Realtor


I would recommend Marty Remillard as your ONLY SOLUTION whether getting a customer pre-qualified or getting your deal CLOSED with the Buyers receiving the BEST SERVICE AVAILABLE with a loan customized to their needs and qualifications.

A knowledgeable Mortgage Broker who also has Realtor, Builder and Insurance Agent in his portfolio of experience. Marty thinks fast and outside the box when required! He has saved me two deals thus far.

Pam Hitt, Realtor


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